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Each digital marketing package includes an inbound marketing strategy to help you get your digital presence up and running with style and ease. There is some homework you’ll have to complete, like preparing content and helping me with some research and planning, but I’ll hold your hand through all of that to make it as painless as possible. 

Once my job is done, I’ll set you up with an action plan and provide a training workshop with you and your team to help you keep it all going for years to come!


For businesses just dipping their toes in marketing

Logo + Brand Guidelines

Simple Website + Blog with Google Analytics

Social Media Set-Up

1 Digital or Print Marketing Material

1-Month Action Plan


Take a few laps around your competition

Logo + Brand Guidelines

Website + Blog with Google Analytics

Social Media Set-Up

3 Digital or Print Marketing Materials

3-Months of Blog and Social Media Content

3-Month Action Plan


Take the plunge into your stellar marketing strategy

Logo + Brand Guidelines

Website + Blog with Google Analytics

Social Media Set-Up

6 Digital or Print Marketing Materials

6-Months of Blog and Social Media Content

E-mail Marketing Strategy

6-Month Action Plan


Still not sure what some of this stuff means? Check out these FAQs or send me a quick question.

Inbound marketing is the methodology I use to turn your business ideas and goals into tangible marketing strategies you and your team can implement to achieve success. I’ve been certified in Inbound Marketing from Hubspot since 2016.

Taken directly from Hubspot, the industry leader in inbound marketing: “Inbound marketing is focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content and adding value at every stage in your customer’s buying journey. With inbound marketing, potential customers find you through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media.”

Research helps us lay the groundwork for building your strategy. We can’t create a marketing strategy solely based on assumptions! My research techniques include creating surveys and sending them to your current customer base to figure out how those people interact with your business or service. I also interview members of your team to discover your experiences with your customers to figure out what works best to convert a lead.

Google analytics is a free tool to track the customers on your website and report on your website traffic. This helps us optimize your site and achieve the best website performance possible by looking at trends and statistics.

A content strategy is one of the best techniques to start building your inbound marketing strategy. We can determine what types of content your audience is looking for, whether it’s on social media, blog content, infographics, videos or something unique to your business. Content creation isn’t something that just happens once and you’re done. I’ll give you a plan for continuing your content creation strategy and I’ll show you how to implement it.

There are thousands of tools out there to help you automate your digital marketing strategy – from posting on social media to sending e-mail newsletters to publishing content for you. Based on your marketing strategy, I’ll recommend the set of tools I see best fit, then set them all up for you and give a plan to keep them going strong.

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Do none of these options seem like a good fit? Do you already have some marketing programs implemented but you need a refresh or change? Do you just need a website or a few extra marketing materials?

Customize your package and receive a 1-hour consultation to make sure it’s your perfect fit.